Vietnam Pavilion at World Expo 2020

Guided Tour Interview at the Vietnam Pavilion at Dubai World #Expo2020 #VietnamExpo2020 #Dubai

A delightful and unforgettable journey about Vietnam, its beautiful people, unspoiled nature and latest development trends. The pavilion marries traditional elements with contemporary references.

Covering an area of more than 850 square meters, the Viet Nam Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is located in the ‘Opportunity’ District and showcases the theme, “Distilling the Past, Shaping the Future.” The facade of the pavilion is covered with 800 traditional conical hats from Hoi An with colorful lights, and a display of 18 replica artworks created by Vietnamese artists for the Vietnamese National Assembly building. The exhibition area takes up two floors of the pavilion, and is divided into various themes through which the organizers aim to show international visitors a country rich in cultural identity, and an emerging destination of opportunities for cooperation with the Middle Eastern region and the world.

Compared to previous exhibitions, this year’s Viet Nam Pavilion brings a fresh new look and approach. In addition to promoting and honoring national culture and traditions, Vietnam’s advances in the field of science and technology are also highlighted. Visitors can experience Viet Nam’s travel hotspots through 3D glasses and touch screens or learn about “Make in Viet Nam” technological achievements such as the Dragon satellite line, sneakers made from recycled coffee and plastic, 3D-printed carbon fiber unibody products and Vietnam’s own artificial intelligence.

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