Vietnam Pavilion expo 2020 | World Expo

The Vietnam Pavilion at Expo 2020 is themed, ‘Distilling the Past, Shaping the Future.’ With a history as a crossroads of culture and commerce, Vietnam now is more than ready to embrace cooperation and connection on a global scale.

Through three floors of interactive exhibits, the Vietnam Pavilion tells the story of a nation with a rich heritage, full of opportunity. Come and have a taste of Vietnam’s vibrant street culture, beautiful scenery, and incredible growth at our pavilion in Dubai.

There’s more to Vietnam than the traditional image of rice paddies and conical hats. Here you’ll find a country bursting with energy and forward motion. You’ll feel it in the hum and activity on the streets. You’ll see it in the way Vietnamese welcome you to their homes and proudly show you their culture. You’ll sense it in the options and opportunities all around.

Vietnam is a nation on the move, yet it still holds a deep appreciation for tradition and the beauty of its timeless culture. There’s no better place to see the past and the future converge. Start your journey to Vietnam right here.

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